More Milo Adventures – Surfing in Alaska

The past few weeks the M/V Milo has been out getting waves, waves, more waves, bigger waves, prettier waves and more waves. There have been way to many fun trips and crews to keep up with during the weeks the Milo has been docked in Seward. Now the OSV crew and the Milo are currently surfing their way to Homer now and then will continue looking for…you guessed it…more waves in the near future.

Here is the Milo with a pretty one somewhere in the Gulf of Alaska.

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Naish Kiteboarding TV in Alaska

Loving Naish’s new Kiteboarding TV epsiode….Grinding Ice in Alaska (part I). The Milo is looking super great and it’s fun to see Kevin Langaree and Kai Lenny’s stoke and skills on display here in AK.

Looking forward to the next episode where Robby Naish arrives and adds his energy to the mix!

And whatever you do don’t miss our debut on the big screen tomorrow, Nov 1st at 7 pm in Alaska Sessions at the Homer Theatre.

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Robby Naish, Kai Lenny and Kevin Langeree’s Alaska Trip

Check out the awesome adventure these world champion athletes had on their Alaska trip this fall. Of course Ocean Swell Ventures and the Milo helped them make the most of their time, getting them up close and personal with wildlife, glaciers and more (if not meteorites!?!).

Thanks to Stephanie at Steller Air for flying Robby Naish out to the Milo in McCarthy Fjord in style.

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Alaska Sessions World Premiere

We are super stoked to have the WORLD premier of Alaska Sessions here in Homer, AK Thursday November 1st, 2012 at the Homer Theatre.

Alaska Sessions is an epic film telling the story of the M/V Milo and crew on our first Alaskan wavehunt. The movie chronicles the voyage that finally brought Milo home, a surf adventure spanning the gulf of Alaska, from Sitka to Homer.

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Sun is Shining

I love, love, love this little clip of Captain Mike McCune soaking up some sunshine and looking for a barrel to go with it on a recent M/V Milo adventure. Our friend Matt Rott is supplying the music and our very own Scott Dickerson got wet shooting the footage and then put it together for you.

How fun was that? Come join us on our next surf adventure October 25-28, 2012 to find out for yourself how much fun it really is. Send us an email or call or text Scott at (907) 399-7873 for more information.

See ya in […]

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Back for a minute + Heading out on the next adventure….Join us!

Fall has been a busy time for the M/V Milo, hosting some of the best surfers and water sports athletes in the world!

The first part of the season had the Milo working as the platform for the multi-sport adventures of Naish Team Riders.  World Champions of their sports’ Kai Lenny, Kevin Langeree and Robby Naish scored lots of great kiting, surfing, flatwater SUP and even some mega glacier wave action.

The second half of September saw us heading to Kodiak to take surfers more in the ‘Master’ category on their dream trip exploring the southern end of Kodiak Island. In addition […]

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Surprise…the fall surf season has officially begun!

We are just back from 6 days on the Milo….a little quiet R&R for the Ocean Swell Ventures Family. Well, not too quiet! We managed to get a head high surf session in on all days but one (despite not planning for it) PLUS a big SUP activity and some boat projects. We were also reeling in the halibuts right and left.

Great waves, great scenery, great fishing, great eating, great SUPing. Epic. And it’s just the beginning. We are headed out tonight for another 3 days of surf along the coast between Homer and Seward.  Then we are looking forward […]

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Surf Homer to Seward

Aboard the M/V Milo
August 16-20th, 2012

We have spots for five lucky surfers to join us: We will depart from Homer on the evening of August 16th, surf our way through the Kenai Fiords and pull into the Seward harbor early on August 20th.

We have been loving this bit of coastline and have it pretty dialed in. Surf our favorite wave discoveries along this wild bit of coastline, depending on what the swell and weather have to offer. Even a beginner can have fun on this trip but we’ll be looking for the best waves we can find too. […]

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M/V Milo in ‘Brothers on the Run’

From one of the funnest crews that the Milo has ever hosted comes Eric & John Jackson’s ‘Surfing in Alaska’ episode. The Jackson Brother’s were joined by fellow pro snowboarder Travis Rice (of Art of Fligh fame) and big wave surfer Ian Walsh. The crew, including producer Clark Fyans, had a great time and scored some fun waves. We can’t wait to have them back!

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Alaskan surf weekend trip

Last weekend we took our beloved m/v Milo out for a quick trip to the Gulf of Alaska. The swell forecast was looking pretty good. But mostly, after working at home for almost a week following three weeks of non-stop wave hunting were feeling pretty desperate for some waves and a bit of boat time.

We made the run out of Kachemak Bay and checked our favorite nearby haunts, the swell was looking strong with a bit more south than we usually find and winds were light. Leaving our night’s anchorage on the first morning we spotted an incredibly nice looking […]

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