Sometimes you do the Dew….

Sometimes the Dew does you.

Not sure which one this was, but this expedition/media production was a definite highlight for us here at OSV not to mention Scott Dickerson Stills and Motion and Surf Alaska.

Scott served as captain of the M/V Milo, production support AND as talent for this production of Moniker Media and Mt. Dew. Unfortunately Captain Mike missed out on the first hand fun so he is more stoked than anyone to be able to share in this awesome video.

It was a great a crew, old friends and new:

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61º North on the M/V Milo

We were very pleased to have writer Matt Reed’s trip on the M/V Milo this ‘spring’ included in the May issue of ADN’s lifestyle Magazine 61º North.

It’s a great article that shows how much fun even those new to ocean sports can have on the Milo. In addition to viewing the article in the magazine you can view a slideshow with additional photos (by our own Scott Dickerson of course) from the trip, here.

We hope this gets you excited to plan your own trip – there is still time for you to join us this summer. Contact us today!

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Go west young man…the surf is good.

Fall of 2014 marked our second trip stretching the boundaries of our westernmost expedition to include the farthest reaches of the Alaska Peninsula.

This is an area we feel we have only begun to explore so we are heading back this fall. Interested? Let us know, we may have a couple spots to fill.

Thanks to Scott Dickerson Photography for the photos.

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Bring Alaska Sessions home…two ways!

Thanks to overwhelming demand, Alaska Sessions is now (finally!) available online and DVD. You can rent or buy on Vimeo On Demand.

If you like your movies the old-fashioned way, drop us a line and we can send one your way.

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Icy Bay IPA from Alaskan Brewing – Label photo from Alaska Sessions Trip

A lot of great things came out of the journey of the M/V Milo from Sitka, Alaska to her home port of Homer, Alaska.

The label of Alaskan Brewing’s newest release, Icy Bay IPA is only the latest great thing.

While Alaska Sessions filmmaker Frederick Dickerson didn’t get a lot of chances to surf on the journey, when he did he made the most of him.

Scott Dickerson caught Fred on this wave and it has since become the label for Alaskan Brewing’s newest beer.

You can also check out more from the M/V Milo and the story behind Alaskan Brewing and their […]

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Friends in the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013

Here at OSV we always bask in our brushes with fame, however big or small. So right now we are loving the fact that two of our very own are featured in the Red Bull Illume, an exhibition that will travel the world for two years, lighting up the night with 50 images displayed on 2m x 2m lightboxes.

Here OSV’s Scott Dickerson captured this amazing image of Captain Mike on the Turnagain Arm Bore Tide (along with Dave Calkins and Eric Newberry). This shot brought together many of Scott’s passions; the only thing missing is the M/V Milo.

This shot features […]

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The Malloy Bros. on the M/V Milo

Check out this fun story from Christian Beamish, who accompanied the Malloy brothers, Chris and Keith, as well as some other excellent surfers, on a recent mission into the gulf. Photos by Chris Burkard (stay tuned for some video to come from Scott).

This was one of our best trips to date- everything came together with little effort and while we didn’t score huge waves we had some excellent surf and equally excellent fishing and eating. Not to mention excellent weather. And company!

Check out the rest of the story here.

Ready to start planning your own Alaskan Surf Adventure? The most important […]

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It’s happening…Alaska Sessions at the San Diego Surf Film Festival now!

Captain McCune and some of his crew are hanging in sunny SoCal getting ready to enjoy Alaska Session’s showing at the San Diego Surf Film Festival.

That and making the most of the festivities and getting some waves!

Check out this scene trailer to get a taste:

Alaska Sessions will keep working the film festival circuit this year and we’ll keep you posted when it’s available on dvd/download.

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Video surfing Alaska by boat from the M/V Milo with Ocean Swell Ventures

Check out this sweet little video of a recent surf trip…

Mike and Scott were pretty stoked to have some fun waves documented by our friend Josh Skoglund at JGS Concepts.

Life on the Milo is a pretty sweet life and waves are the cherry on top. Why not start planning your trip today? Check out some of our favorite trips or contact us for help.

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The M/V Milo crew representing in Santa Barbara

Truly a highlight of this winter was the long awaited release of Alaska Sessions, the feature length film that documented the journey and surf exploration of the M/V Milo as it traveled up the Gulf coast of Alaska from Sitka to Homer. Not only was it wildly popular in Homer, it made it into the lauded Santa Barbara International Film Festival in the ‘To the Maxx’ category.

A lot has changed on the Milo since that journey in 2010, but what hasn’t changed is its core crews stoke for everything surf.  So it is no wonder that 4 from the movies […]

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