Frequently Asked Questions

Surf is the best and most reliable in the spring and fall. April and September are probably the best months, with good times to be had both earlier and later as well. July is  a wonderful time for flatwater SUP touring and otherwise adventuring. There is fun to be had anytime of year, so it depends on what kind of trip you are looking for.
We fill in down time with spontaneous trips when we see the swell is good and we can get away. Make sure you are on the mailing list and we’ll do our best to get you notice and invite you to join in on these adventures. As far as planning your trip goes, it’s best to just plan on what works for you, aiming for spring, early or late summer, or fall. We’ve found that we are usually able to find something surfable. And often something great! Even when we don’t mean to  ;) .
Our charter/trip rates are for up to 5-6 people: usually $2,000/day for our normal trips. If you have a smaller group but are planning well in advance, we can usually fill it up so don’t hesitate to contact us to work out your dates and itinerary and the portion of the costs you’d be responsible for. Once you book, we’ll set up a deposit/payment schedule depending on the timing, costs and crew make-up.
While the water in Homer will get into the low 30’s in the winter, most of the time the outer coast where we surf stays in the mid 40’s to low 50’s. In general early spring is the coldest water and late summer and fall the warmest. Certain breaks in front of glaciers or rivermouths can be colder.
In the winter and early spring we surf in 6/5 mm fullsuits with hoods with 7mm booties and mittens. Later a 5/4 mm is plenty and in the summer and fall a 4/3 mm with 3-5 mm gloves (and booties) is much more comfortable. For SUP a 4/3 mm or 3/2 mm is often the most comfortable with spring suits also being a nice summer option.
We look at the NOAA Marine weather forecast as well as Navy sites for swell.  We have found that forecasting swell is not very effective in the Gulf of Alaska and we have found plenty of great surf even when the swell charts didn’t indicate it. We’ve found getting out there and exploring the best way to find surf.
Alaska is short on road-accessible surf. Kodiak or Yakutat are the best bets for beaches you can drive and/or hike to and paddle out from (as well as reliable surf). While you can drive to the surf once you are there, you’ll need a jet or ferry to get there. We do get surf in Homer but it is generally limited to the winter months.
Nothing in Alaska is very inexpensive. But we think the price is worth it.
Let us know your skills in the form of a resume along with your availability and we’ll keep you in mind. In general we rarely need extra help, but we do like to keep a file of possibilities for when we do. Be sure to also sign up for our mailing list if you are looking to trade.
Day trips in Kachemak Bay are an option for flatwater SUP or other adventures, but surf is not an option. We haven’t really developed offerings for day trips but if you are motivated and we are available we can probably work something out. Also check out SUP rental through Surf Alaska and Ashore Water Taxi in Homer.
We recommend our two day one night, Kachemak Bay Trip: Explore Homer’s backyard, the waters of Kachemak Bay State Park, via the best darn way to see it – aboard the M/V Milo.  The varied coastline, bays and rivers provide plenty of opportunity for adventure. Also check out SUP rental through Surf Alaska and Ashore Water Taxi in Homer.
We offer a full range of gear for sale or rent through Surf Alaska. We recommend sorting out what you’ll need by getting in touch with Scott once your trip is booked.  We do have some extras to help fill in holes so you won’t go cold or miss surf or other fun.
We highly recommend reading Surf Alaska‘s E-Book. Available now.