Video surfing Alaska by boat from the M/V Milo with Ocean Swell Ventures

Check out this sweet little video of a recent surf trip…

Mike and Scott were pretty stoked to have some fun waves documented by our friend Josh Skoglund at JGS Concepts.

Life on the Milo is a pretty sweet life and waves are the cherry on top. Why not start planning your trip today? Check out some of our favorite trips or contact us for help.

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The M/V Milo crew representing in Santa Barbara

Truly a highlight of this winter was the long awaited release of Alaska Sessions, the feature length film that documented the journey and surf exploration of the M/V Milo as it traveled up the Gulf coast of Alaska from Sitka to Homer. Not only was it wildly popular in Homer, it made it into the lauded Santa Barbara International Film Festival in the ‘To the Maxx’ category.

A lot has changed on the Milo since that journey in 2010, but what hasn’t changed is its core crews stoke for everything surf.  So it is no wonder that 4 from the movies […]

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The Endless Wave – Naish Kiteboarding TV in Alaska

Here it is, part II of the epic Alaskan Kite Adventure of Robby Naish, Kai Lenny and Kevin Langaree from earlier this year.

It was great fun to have guys of this caliber hanging out and showing off their skills. We loved seeing them up their game for Alaska!  Glad you get to enjoy now too.  Thanks Naish!

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Encore Show of Alaska Sessions Dec 1st at 1 pm

Well you asked and here it is! Fred Dickerson, filmmaker, put together an Encore Show of Alaska Sessions for all of you who missed it and those of you who just can’t get enough. I know we’ll all be in that category as we look forward to the second show.

I just hope there will be surf soon after to satisfy the cravings that it is sure to create!


Thanks Homer Theatre!

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Video Vignette from Gulf of Alaska Surf Trip

We really love this new video from Matt Wild of some great waves on a recent Milo adventure! This is a few of the many many waves from the past month. We really thank Matt for documenting all of this fun.  He put many cold hours in on the beach and we know how tough that is.  Great editing too!


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More Milo Adventures – Surfing in Alaska

The past few weeks the M/V Milo has been out getting waves, waves, more waves, bigger waves, prettier waves and more waves. There have been way to many fun trips and crews to keep up with during the weeks the Milo has been docked in Seward. Now the OSV crew and the Milo are currently surfing their way to Homer now and then will continue looking for…you guessed it…more waves in the near future.

Here is the Milo with a pretty one somewhere in the Gulf of Alaska.

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Naish Kiteboarding TV in Alaska

Loving Naish’s new Kiteboarding TV epsiode….Grinding Ice in Alaska (part I). The Milo is looking super great and it’s fun to see Kevin Langaree and Kai Lenny’s stoke and skills on display here in AK.

Looking forward to the next episode where Robby Naish arrives and adds his energy to the mix!

And whatever you do don’t miss our debut on the big screen tomorrow, Nov 1st at 7 pm in Alaska Sessions at the Homer Theatre.

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Robby Naish, Kai Lenny and Kevin Langeree’s Alaska Trip

Check out the awesome adventure these world champion athletes had on their Alaska trip this fall. Of course Ocean Swell Ventures and the Milo helped them make the most of their time, getting them up close and personal with wildlife, glaciers and more (if not meteorites!?!).

Thanks to Stephanie at Steller Air for flying Robby Naish out to the Milo in McCarthy Fjord in style.

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Alaska Sessions World Premiere

We are super stoked to have the WORLD premier of Alaska Sessions here in Homer, AK Thursday November 1st, 2012 at the Homer Theatre.

Alaska Sessions is an epic film telling the story of the M/V Milo and crew on our first Alaskan wavehunt. The movie chronicles the voyage that finally brought Milo home, a surf adventure spanning the gulf of Alaska, from Sitka to Homer.

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Sun is Shining

I love, love, love this little clip of Captain Mike McCune soaking up some sunshine and looking for a barrel to go with it on a recent M/V Milo adventure. Our friend Matt Rott is supplying the music and our very own Scott Dickerson got wet shooting the footage and then put it together for you.

How fun was that? Come join us on our next surf adventure October 25-28, 2012 to find out for yourself how much fun it really is. Send us an email or call or text Scott at (907) 399-7873 for more information.

See ya in […]

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