First and foremost bring your adventurous spirit!

We’ll put a trip together with our best ideas but things in Alaska are subject to change, and we think that’s great. We’ve found that is what allows us to pack in more fun and adventure.



Okay, now what else to bring:

• rubber boots
• deck shoes (comfy shoes to wear in and out of the cabin on deck)
• rain pants/jacket
• warm layers
• boat clothes like comfy fleece pants or sweats
• outdoor clothes like microfiber or wool
• any specialty sporting gear you’ll need
• earplugs
• book/kindle/iPod
• water bottle
• headlamp
• seasickness medicine
• fishing license if you’d like to fish
• towel
• beer or wine if you’d like it

What we’ve got:

• bedding
• fully stocked galley
• three meals *most* days
• drinking water, sodas, coffee, tea, hot chocolate
• ginger candies & saltines!
• sound protector ear muffs
• 14′ rib-inflatable launch: ‘the humbug’
• lots of hanging/storage space to dry and store your gear
• wetsuits, booties, gloves, surfboards, SUP’s for rent or purchase
• basic fishing gear
• rubber gloves
• cooler space & ice for your own beverages

Want more info on what it takes to surf and adventure in Alaska?

First, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and the Surf Alaska E-Book. Then drop us a line if you still have questions.