Sometimes you do the Dew….

Sometimes the Dew does you.

Not sure which one this was, but this expedition/media production was a definite highlight for us here at OSV not to mention Scott Dickerson Stills and Motion and Surf Alaska.

Scott served as captain of the M/V Milo, production support AND as talent for this production of Moniker Media and Mt. Dew. Unfortunately Captain Mike missed out on the first hand fun so he is more stoked than anyone to be able to share in this awesome video.

It was a great a crew, old friends and new:

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61º North on the M/V Milo

We were very pleased to have writer Matt Reed’s trip on the M/V Milo this ‘spring’ included in the May issue of ADN’s lifestyle Magazine 61º North.

It’s a great article that shows how much fun even those new to ocean sports can have on the Milo. In addition to viewing the article in the magazine you can view a slideshow with additional photos (by our own Scott Dickerson of course) from the trip, here.

We hope this gets you excited to plan your own trip – there is still time for you to join us this summer. Contact us today!

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Go west young man…the surf is good.

Fall of 2014 marked our second trip stretching the boundaries of our westernmost expedition to include the farthest reaches of the Alaska Peninsula.

This is an area we feel we have only begun to explore so we are heading back this fall. Interested? Let us know, we may have a couple spots to fill.

Thanks to Scott Dickerson Photography for the photos.

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Summer in the Fjords

We consider the territory between Homer and Seward, Alaska to be our extended backyard. And there is no place better to spend the summer than out back. Here are a few shots from a trip through the Kenai Fjords this June. Thanks to Scott Dickerson Photography for the images.

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Bring Alaska Sessions home…two ways!

Thanks to overwhelming demand, Alaska Sessions is now (finally!) available online and DVD. You can rent or buy on Vimeo On Demand.

If you like your movies the old-fashioned way, drop us a line and we can send one your way.

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The Malloy Bros. on the M/V Milo

Check out this fun story from Christian Beamish, who accompanied the Malloy brothers, Chris and Keith, as well as some other excellent surfers, on a recent mission into the gulf. Photos by Chris Burkard (stay tuned for some video to come from Scott).

This was one of our best trips to date- everything came together with little effort and while we didn’t score huge waves we had some excellent surf and equally excellent fishing and eating. Not to mention excellent weather. And company!

Check out the rest of the story here.

Ready to start planning your own Alaskan Surf Adventure? The most important […]

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Video surfing Alaska by boat from the M/V Milo with Ocean Swell Ventures

Check out this sweet little video of a recent surf trip…

Mike and Scott were pretty stoked to have some fun waves documented by our friend Josh Skoglund at JGS Concepts.

Life on the Milo is a pretty sweet life and waves are the cherry on top. Why not start planning your trip today? Check out some of our favorite trips or contact us for help.

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The Endless Wave – Naish Kiteboarding TV in Alaska

Here it is, part II of the epic Alaskan Kite Adventure of Robby Naish, Kai Lenny and Kevin Langaree from earlier this year.

It was great fun to have guys of this caliber hanging out and showing off their skills. We loved seeing them up their game for Alaska!  Glad you get to enjoy now too.  Thanks Naish!

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Encore Show of Alaska Sessions Dec 1st at 1 pm

Well you asked and here it is! Fred Dickerson, filmmaker, put together an Encore Show of Alaska Sessions for all of you who missed it and those of you who just can’t get enough. I know we’ll all be in that category as we look forward to the second show.

I just hope there will be surf soon after to satisfy the cravings that it is sure to create!


Thanks Homer Theatre!

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Video Vignette from Gulf of Alaska Surf Trip

We really love this new video from Matt Wild of some great waves on a recent Milo adventure! This is a few of the many many waves from the past month. We really thank Matt for documenting all of this fun.  He put many cold hours in on the beach and we know how tough that is.  Great editing too!


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