Here at OSV we always bask in our brushes with fame, however big or small. So right now we are loving the fact that two of our very own are featured in the Red Bull Illume, an exhibition that will travel the world for two years, lighting up the night with 50 images displayed on 2m x 2m lightboxes.

Stand up paddle surfing Turnagain Arm boretide in Alaska.

Here OSV’s Scott Dickerson captured this amazing image of Captain Mike on the Turnagain Arm Bore Tide (along with Dave Calkins and Eric Newberry). This shot brought together many of Scott’s passions; the only thing missing is the M/V Milo.


This shot features two friends of the M/V Milo, Clark Fyans, photographer, and John Jackson, one of the athletes.

Two more recent OSV adventurers partner up for the Spirit category winning shot: photographer Chris Burkard and athlete Keith Malloy make the most of a wintery scene in Norway.

Another from the Brothers on the Run crew, Travis Rice, is one the athlete in Scott Serfas’ Illumination category winning shot.

We want to send congrats to all the photographers and athletes featured here, in the Top 50 and the top 250. And the many more who submitted…

We are very proud to have two of our own and so many friends in this impressive crowd.