In winter of 2010 the M/V Milo headed out for the “Alaskan Sessions” – a month long wave hunt along the isolated Alaskan North Pacific coastline between Sitka and Homer. The “Alaskan Sessions” began with 2 weeks of vessel preparations in Sitka. This was squeezed in between nearby exploration “sea trials” and surf sessions. Thanks to the numerous people, marine trades, and other service providers used in Sitka for their help and professional demeanor. By Mid-November the M/V Milo’s crew was all aboard, once again we fueled up, grubbed up and north we went.

Highlights of the trip were darn near too many to list. A moonlight stop over at White Sulpher hot springs; Travel along Alaska’s Lost Coast; Thanksgiving day in Yakutat surfing seemingly an endless supply of sunny and glassy overhead waves; Traveling the North Gulf Coast finding new breaks and riding cranking waves; spectacular vista’s, glaciers, wildlife….the list goes on and on! By the time we reached Homer, 25 surf sessions were tallied, 8 lingcod consumed, numerous rockfish grilled, 1 deer enjoyed, 87 shrimp devoured…..and many, many star fish returned to the sea.

Now nestled in Homer the planned refit has begun coexisting with voyages to the outer coast in search of new unridden breaks to enjoy with future clientele. We’re happy to report both are progressing well! As in our earlier posting we hope to have the vessel ready to share, in at least a limited capacity, a bit later in 2011.

For more on the Alaska Sessions and other developments of the Alaskan surf scene, check out Also, of further interest, due to be released summer of 2012, will be a documentary film of the “Alaska Sessions” segment of the voyage complements of Flash Films of Australia: